Cheetah Park – Namibia

especially for you Vera!

Geoff shoots the world

Warning, this post contains lots of pictures of cheetahs…

We stayed at Cheetah Park in Namibia for one night. This place has an interesting story and I’ll try to get it right. These guys re-home “problem” cheetahs from around the country, the problem being that they’ve killed livestock. If they were not re-homed at cheetah park then they would unfortunately usually be killed by the local farmers.

The farm has 4 tame cheetahs that live with them as pets, they were orphaned cubs that have been raised by hand and can’t be released with the wild cheetahs. We basically played with these guys like any other cat, except these ones could do some serious damage if they wanted. The farm also has the worlds bravest puppy which played with the cheetahs like they were his siblings.IMG_2223-Edit






After we’d settled in we went out into the enclosure on the back of…

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2 thoughts on “Cheetah Park – Namibia

  1. Lucky Geoff, because this is a post I reblogged from Geoff shoots the world. I’ve been only in a few countries in Europe. Italy was the farthest trip I ever made. I’m glad I can see a lot of the world thanks to blogs on wordpress!

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