What color is your Santa?

What a beautiful Santa!

The Novice Gardener

Unlike Megyn Kelly, I really don’t care much about the color of your Santa. Or for that matter, whether your Santa is a penguin or a polar bear. Heck, I’m making seashell Santa and strawberry Santa! You think I’m qualified to be judging other people’s Santa?

Besides, I’ve got more important issues to think about. First, I have a daughter to console. Someone stole her purse when we were in the mall. No, she didn’t lose it. It was stolen, as in swiped off her shoulder. Her entire life was pretty much in it, her cell phone, Nintendo DS, wallet, notebook, and other knickknacks that tweeners must have with them at all times.

Does that sound like a trivial problem to you? Ok, how about my other problem? I have to decide which cologne I should buy as a Christmas present for hubby. He’s always worn this certain cologne…

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