Lizard in Tuscany

DSCN3978 Lizard in Tuscany

6 thoughts on “Lizard in Tuscany

  1. Dimmi … sei Italiano ? es-tu française ? Non posso capirlo dal sito. Io sono australiana, ecco tutto: provo il mio italiano ogni tanto perchè non ho della pietà … Mon français n’est pas bon, hélas ! Que puis-je faire ?
    Write in English, probably … [grin]

    • Dear Margaret,

      I live in Belgium, so I don’t speak Italian. In Belgium we speak in the North Dutch (I live in the north) and French in the south. We also learn German and English in school. Most of the people that I follow on WordPress are from Canada, Australian, New Zealand and Europe, so I do my best to write in English. So I make some spelling mistakes but there are worse things in life. I read about your book via another blog on WordPress (Travel Tales of Life (by Sue Slaght I think)) and now I’m planning do order the book because I’m interested in your story. Someone wrote: I’m not sure I could read… my eyes welled with tears just reading your excerpt. But then she got the answer: ‘there is so much more to the story, so much joy as well. I couldn’t share it all without giving so much away, I want to have the strength of M-R when I grow up…’ So the next thing I do tomorrow I order your book. Thanks for sharing your story.


      • I hope very much that you enjoy it, Margot …
        Now I ‘have you pegged’, as we say – meaning I have an understanding of where you come from, I am looking forward to reading more of your blog site.

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