Big changes in the Vegetable Garden

Last summer we visited Sissinghurst Castle Garden. A beautiful place!
The garden is mainly maintained by volunteers and that I find something to admire.


Since its set-up in 2008 the vegetable garden has undergone some changes to the layout and also the methods which we use to grow our veg. Originally the plot was arranged in large, open-plan beds, within which the veg was grown in long straight rows. In the winter of 2012 we changed over to a no-dig method of growing, for which we created permanent beds of four feet wide, with narrow paths in between for walking along the rows. The reason for the four foot beds is that all areas of the bed can be reached from the path, eliminating the need for walking on the soil and therefore reducing compaction. The change to no-dig methods is proving to be successful and works really well with our heavy clay soil.

This autumn has been no different in seeing changes within the vegetable garden. We have been working hard to boost…

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3 thoughts on “Big changes in the Vegetable Garden

    • I’m back again… I had to much work last weeks.
      We are learning to make ‘scripts’ with our group in evening class Paint Shop and that takes much of my time. But I enjoy reading the post of others too. It’s almost winter now in Europe so I like the see pictures with sunshine, flowers etc. It makes me happy just by looking at them.

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