Sid, our zebra finch plays Rummicub.

Sid plays Rummicub

4 thoughts on “Sid, our zebra finch plays Rummicub.

  1. Lovely birds. And so full of life!I used to have them, including a family that flew free in my apartment and found rest on my large ficus bejamin … they tried to make nests in my bookcases between the books. I so enjoyed them ! but they were also annoying, trying to make a nest in the light fixture – I had to climb up and dissuade them or I would not be able to turn on the light any more!!

      • Hello Margot, I have closed my blog. A least I think that I did, let me know if you can still find it. I am not well enough to keep up the work any more. Thank you for your new year wishes. I send the same wish to you and your family. And thank you for having been a friend while I navigated the blogosphere … Vera

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